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If you need to fill an open position or simply strengthen your existing team to improve productivity, behavioral assessments support business owners by keeping employees moving in the right direction.

Also known as selection assessments or assessments for development, behavioral assessments give businesses the opportunity to create a more efficient and effective hiring process by matching the right people to the right jobs.

Behavioral assessments can be performed in a variety of ways, including multiple choice questions, rating scale questions, adjective checklists or open-ended questions. Some businesses even opt for one-way video interviews where each candidate answers a series of questions.

Utilizing the data given from these assessments — such as behavioral traits and cognitive ability — business owners are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to operating their business.

Here are five benefits of behavioral assessments:

  1. Streamline The Hiring Process: Sifting through a mountain of resumes and applications, it can become easy for a bad employee to slip through the cracks. Using selection assessments, you can test potential candidates before the interview process to see if they are qualified for the position and if they will fit into your overall work culture. This can save you time, while also reducing employee turnover.
  2. Reduce Employee Turnover: When your employees enjoy the positions they are in, they are less likely to look for employment elsewhere. By utilizing assessments, you can do a better job of matching employees with positions they will thrive in. As recently as 2018, studies showed that highly engaged business units saw over a 40% reduction in absenteeism and achieved nearly 60% less employee turnover.
  3. Increase Communication: There’s bound to be hiccups in the workplace, but when it comes to communication — that should never be an issue. Selection assessments can help both leaders and employees understand how they react to stressful situations, how they prefer to communicate and most importantly — how their coworkers communicate. This will help in avoiding difficult situations due to a lack of communication, increasing your company’s overall efficiency.
  4. Optimize Your Talent: Behavioral assessments can also help you strengthen the team you already have. Whether you have an employee applying for a leadership role or a leader interested in becoming a better leader, there are assessments designed to uncover your employees’ greatest strengths and weaknesses so that you can make sure you are utilizing your employees in the best ways possible.
  5. Maintain Culture & Goals: Once you establish a successful culture in which everyone understands your company’s overall expectations, maintaining that balance remains vital to your team’s success. Assessments can help you ensure that you are aligning candidates and leaders with the established culture and expectations of your organization.  This also helps to ensure that you are intentionally, consistently and strategically creating and developing high-performing teams and the desired company culture.

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