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If you truly desire a career, rather than just a job, our career coaching services might be just what you need to make a smooth transition to a position you’ll love.

Designed to act as a guide or mentor, a career coach works with you one-on-one to help uncover the next step in your career — whether it’s a hidden passion or a professional goal.

If you feel stuck in your current position, are searching for the next one or are just ready to make a change, career  coaches will help you develop the tools you need to go after the job you want.

In order to find a career you’ll thrive in, you must first identify what you value in the workplace. Our experienced coaches will sit down with you as we discuss your idea of career satisfaction and help you to set realistic goals that challenge you to achieve them.

Some agencies focus on creating fast results, but fail to take compatibility into account, causing many people to find joy in a position temporarily, but not really long term. At Blank Canvas Consulting, we appreciate the importance of landing a job quickly while prioritizing your happiness and finding you a job you will excel in.

Finding a new job can be intimidating for a lot of people. It takes a great deal of confidence in yourself and your abilities to be able to successfully go after the job you deserve. Trust our career coaches to help you gain a better understanding of your strengths and develop a confidence that will enable you to advocate for yourself in the workplace and really sell yourself during the interview process. By highlighting your strengths and diving into areas that could use improvement, you will feel confident in your ability to find your next career path and navigate any roadblocks that may get in the way.

In addition to helping people make their next career leap, our career coaches are trained in being an effective mentor to leaders looking to improve their leadership skills. Working with them one-on-one, we cover everything from developing a strong foundation for their team to overcoming challenges and crushing their goals.

For more information about career coaching from the experts at Blank Canvas Consulting, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.821.1575.