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For over 30 years, clinical and organizational psychologist Mary Jo Baweja has positively impacted businesses with her game-changing business coaching services. 

Your employees’ happiness can raise productivity as much as 31% and with over 20 years in her field, Baweja has seen this firsthand.

Establishing Blank Canvas Consulting, this inspirational leader is moving forward in her career journey as she helps businesses flourish through effective leadership and team development coaching.

Many business consulting firms offer leadership and team coaching services, but can sometimes lack the clinical expertise to really propel teams in the right direction.

Beginning her journey in 1988, Baweja worked with a small hospital as a staff psychologist and outpatient clinical practice — later evolving her career into organizational psychology.

Her decades of work has enabled Baweja to hone her career coaching skills as she developed a wide range of clinical experience and professional practice. Her areas of expertise include: fundamental leadership development, employee selection and development, behavioral assessments, team building, career coaching and workplace relationships.

Combining her work in clinical and organizational psychology, Baweja has a great deal of experience in the mental health field and offers a unique perspective to her business coaching services. From unique interpretations on behavioral assessments to quickly analyzing workplace relationships and devising game-changing strategies, this innovative and dedicated psychologist is who you need in your corner when you want your business to thrive.

For more information about business coaching services from the experts at Blank Canvas Consulting, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.821.1575.