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Women have come a long way and now dominate many workplaces, despite the unique obstacles and challenges which still exist. 

At Blank Canvas Consulting, we know firsthand that experienced women looking to make a career evolution face very different options than their male counterparts. We’re here to help women discover new opportunities and find the best option.

Whether you’re looking forward to additional free time or eager to continue your work at a job you love, our career coaches are ready to help you transition into the next phase of your career.

Envision your next phase — what does it look like? Are you enjoying more time with your family? Volunteering? Finally tackling that bucket list? Not all career evolutions look the same. While some look forward to traveling and other hobbies, many women opt to continue their work but want to move into a less demanding role. Your time is valuable, so it’s important to us that you are using it doing what you love.

In addition to becoming confident in your value, our career coaches will help to uncover your confidence in yourself and your strengths so that you can pursue the next phase of your career as you desire.

No matter your goals, preparation is key. Spend time working one-on-one with our dedicated consultants as we help you set financial goals and develop a wealth management strategy designed to help you secure the life you want to live.

Just because you have the financial means to evolve your career, doesn’t mean you feel ready to do so. In addition to providing you with a solid understanding of your finances, we will dive deeper into the emotional and mental impacts you may experience during your career evolution

Evolving in your career can be an exciting venture, but that doesn’t make change feel any less daunting. Fortunately, we provide various opportunities to explore your evolution with a community of other women who have or are going through similar transitions. During these meetings, you will be able to connect with other women, ask questions, share fears and excitement and even learn from those who wish they would’ve done things differently.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. If you want lasting change, it’s important to dedicate the time needed to achieve it. This includes understanding your current passions, needs and values, while opening yourself up to other possibilities and opportunities you might not have considered yet.

We will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to enhance your decision-making process so that you can feel confident in taking your next career steps.

For more information about career evolution from the experts at Blank Canvas Consulting, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.821.1575.