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A maximum amount of time and effort goes into creating a productive and welcoming culture within your business, from growing confident leaders to building teams and developing talent

At Blank Canvas Consulting, we specialize in helping your business thrive with our game-changing assessments, leadership coaching, and team building services.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blank Canvas Consulting combines clinical and organizational psychology with years of experience and proven methods to help business teams maximize their potential.

You can have a surplus of employees working for your business, but if they can’t work together cohesively, then the chances of success are slim.

Using her decades of experience, founder Mary Jo Baweja helps leaders improve their management methods, empowers teams to work together more effectively and supports individuals looking to advance their careers.

In order to create lasting change, you must first understand how your business functions and where there is room for improvement. We do this by providing you with effective behavioral assessments designed to uncover the core values of your team and what they need to feel successful. After analyzing your assessment results, we work with your leaders and team members to create a positive and productive workplace.

We understand that every business and every employee is different, especially those at different stages of their career. As such, we offer a variety of leadership development services so that no one feels left behind. From becoming an effective employee to growing into an inspirational leader to gracefully transitioning into your final career evolution, our resources and training techniques are here to help you crush your business goals.

For more information about talent development from the experts at Blank Canvas Consulting, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.821.1575.